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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist retired sports professionals and their families in securing the benefits to which they’re entitled. 

What We Do


We provide information and assistance in applying for benefits. We will also assist players in finding the professional services they may need. 

We do not endorse any people, products, or procedures.  We do not provide financial assistance. 

Currently, much of our focus is on retired NFL players’ urgent issues of concussions, CTE, and cognitive impairment. However, we are also increasing our capabilities to support retired players of other sports, especially sports with a high rate of repeated head trauma, such as hockey, soccer, and basketball. 

Our Commitment


Our only commitment is to retired players and their families. 

There is no obligation to us at any point for any assistance; we conduct no marketing, we accept no paid advertising, and we do not share your information with anyone without your permission unless legally compelled. 

(See our Privacy Policy for complete information.) 

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Please do not share any confidential information via email unless we specifically request it.

Retired Player Assistance, Inc.

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